Your patients want you.

The AdviceCoach App reminds them what matters: how to recover at home, and when to come back in.

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Your patients don’t follow your instructions at home for one simple reason.


Brian’s patients were frustrated using his recorded videos of custom exercises.

When they switched over to AdviceCoach, the patients no longer struggled with storage, organization and access when doing their exercises at home.

Now, over 300 patients use Brian’s AdviceCoach Playbook to recover faster.

A growing national clinic had no way to guarantee consistent, high quality care.

When they switched to AdviceCoach, each therapist prescribed the clinic’s own branded exercises customized to each patient.

Patient referrals increase dramatically when they feel supported by their own trusted therapist and know that their friends and family will get the same quality of care at any location.

A large health system found other digital tools to be too complicated for patients (and overpriced).

When they discovered AdviceCoach, the Chairman of the Rehab Dept. was relieved to find a one-click solution for his patients with little comfort with technology.

The affordable cost of AdviceCoach’s technology and its privacy features led to faster approvals.


Here’s how it works:



Log on to to create your own Playbook, and publish instantly on iOS and Android. If you would like, add your own exercise videos to your Library, so you can prescribe in one-click to any of your patients. (This is optional.) Send invitations to your patients to download the AdviceCoach app and upload your Playbook.



When you are ready to prescribe your patient’s home exercise program, have them open your Playbook in the Advice Coach App. Record custom videos at the click of a button. You can also add pre-recorded Library exercises and customize instructions for your patient. Finally, your patient sets a reminder to do the exercises and for the next appointment.



Push notifications remind patients to do their exercises. The app opens directly into their private, personalized plan. Patients can send feedback to you that you can review anytime. (Respond with encouragement right on their phone!) Your Remote Management Portal lets you edit their programs on the go and track their progress.


We know how much you care about your patients.

We’re so confident you and your patients will love AdviceCoach that the first two months are on us.

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