Personal Trainers/Coaches

AdviceCoach is the FIRST personal training/coaching app on the market that is built to deliver ONLY customized content -- videos, podcasts, YouTube videos, photos and documents/text.

AdviceCoach makes it easy to:

  • Include a digital app in your training program (either as a bonus or a paid add-on)
  • Transfer your YouTube videos into an app
  • Create custom training routines instantly for your clients during their session
  • Save time by eliminating post-session tasks such as emailing intake forms, scheduling reminders and content
  • Support client’s motivation by sending push notifications to encourage and celebrate progress
  • Set reminders to trigger action
  • Track your clients’ progress with built-in notes, selfie videos and surveys from your desktop portal
  • Brand your services beyond training/coaching with wellness, stress management and preventative content by video, audio, photos, YouTube videos and text.

How It Works