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Remind your listeners of your talk long after you've left the stage with an app that puts your advice in their pocket.


What If Your Talk Came With An App?

"It's a game changer to have my own app as a giveaway at the end of my presentation." -Bob L, Speaker



Build a Relationship with Every Attendee 

What if your audience could act on what they learned from you in your presentation on their phone as soon as your talk ended?


Make Your Talk Memorable

A presentation is hard to remember. With an app, your advice is accessible to your audience whenever they need it 


Watch Your Advice In Action 

Learn what parts of your presentation are most valuable to your audience



Book More Talks

A presentation with an app is a bonus that will get the attention of conference, meetup and panel organizers


Deliver Media To Your App Subscribers

Increase your value to your attendees by adding exclusive additional content to build long-term relationships


How It Works

 Turn your presentation into an app in as little as 1 week. Your expertise is delivered in actionable steps that your audience can prioritize, schedule, and complete.  Access usage data to measure engagement with your content post-speech to validate impact.


The app reminds your audience of the talk's content



App users schedule steps and receive notifications


Log in to your Dashboard for valuable insights into how your app is being used


Create community among your attendees

Differentiate Your Brand



Can Your Presentation ...

  • Remind the attendees what they learned?

  • Connect with each attendee on a daily basis?

  • Track the changes brought about by using your advice?

With an AdviceCoach App it can!

    Why Choose AdviceCoach?

    Creating your own app for each presentation can cost $50,000 to $150,000 each! Our easy-to-customize platform is tested and maintained for you -- and completely backed by motivational psychology proven to drive results for your clients.

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    Validate the impact your talk had on your audience

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    Launch a core featured version of the app for less than 1% the average cost of a proprietary app

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    Launch  your app in 1 week

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