Single Practice

AdviceCoach has listened to dozens of private practice owners who said……


We need patients to complete all of their approved treatment visits

Patient outcomes are dependent on completing the treatment plan, attending as many sessions as is required and doing exercises at-home between sessions. With AdviceCoach, your patients know you are with them each step of the way.


We need to grow our practice

“How likely are you to refer your friends and family to the home exercise tool your physical therapist used during your treatment?” This is a Net Promoter Score metric developed by Bain Consulting to measure customer loyalty. 50 = very good, 75=great, and AdviceCoach received a 91.

Increased compliance = Better outcomes = Happier patients = More referrals.


We need to measure our value-based care

As regulations change, the personalization of care will make the greatest difference for your practice. To be eligible for a share of the $500m EPB, you need to score at least 75. The highest scores are associated with Quality — documented follow-up plans for each patient — and Improvement Activities — care coordination, patient engagement and patient safety. With AdviceCoach, each of these requirements are easily tracked and reported.

Here’s a 2-minute testimonial from one of our clients