Someday, every advice book will be sold with an app.


What Would You Learn If Your Books Had An App? 

"Audience engagement and serving our authors are our top priorities. A book app that measures engagement is a new tool to compile audience analytics to inform our data analysis" 


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Differentiate Your Imprint

See How Our Customized Technology Can Boost Your Book Sales.


Audio Books Become Actionable

Listeners can't take notes while driving. Give them a companion app to remember what they heard. 


Discover New Titles In the App

Tried one book and it wasn't helpful? Quickly download another.



Collect Reader Engagement Data

Learn how readers actually use content in their daily lives.


Differentiate Your Books From the Competition

First mover advantage to be the publisher who best understands their readers' needs.


How It Works

Authors take the steps or quotes from their book and enter them into an easy-to-use template . Each book is transformed into reminders that readers can prioritize, schedule, and complete. Access user data to see how readers engage with each book.


Each book is organized into categories, sub-categories, and steps.


Readers schedule steps, receive notifications, and track their progress


Notifications motivate and keep readers on track 


Dashboards provide valuable insights into how the app is being used


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Can Your Book ...

  • Collect Data About Your Readers?

  • Add Video Content From Authors?

  • Create Audience Communities?

With an AdviceCoach App it can!

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    Why Choose AdviceCoach?

    Creating proprietary book apps can cost $50,000 to $150,000 each! Our easy-to-customize platform is tested and maintained for you -- and completely backed by motivational psychology proven to drive results for your readers, authors, and content.

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    Collect data to inform sales, marketing, social media messaging and reader engagement

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    Launch your own Publisher Designated app screen for 9 books at <5% the cost of one proprietary developed app

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    Work with a member of our team to create an app in less than 1 week per book 


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