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The only HEP app on the market populated solely with personalized videos unique for each patient.

Instantly add videos of exercises customized for your patient's mobility/pain threshold/body type using their mobile device's camera during your session in less than 2 minutes. Their unique HEP is complete at the end of your session -- no copying, emailing or texting. Remote tracking and managing of their private HEP from our portal directly to their phone. You can also create a Library of exercises to use with all of your patients.

Push notifications synched from their calendar appear and in one-click -- they watch you remind them what to do. Compliance soars!

Next generation mobile technology -- Unlike anything available today.


Send yourself home with your patients

"My practice's physical therapy Playbook is a game changer.  My patients love that they have a video reminder of me performing the exercise I showed them during our session. I love that I can build a custom prescription of exercises at every session in seconds. The word-of-mouth has grown my practice faster than any marketing plan." -Brian E., MPT, ATC. Norwalk, CT



No more generic exercises -- Please!

We patients prefer to watch our own PTs demonstrate an exercise customized to our body type, mobility and pain tolerance. 


Nothing demonstrates 'Patient-Centered Care' more than customization

Give your patients a mobile prescription that is personalized to their needs in just minutes


Choose to reward compliance with clinic swag

Use the Points feature to reward patients with milestone giveaways 



Simply swipe to choose an exercise

Keep patients engaged to lower drop off and no shows

A video of the patient performing an exercise is far more effective that sheets of diagrams or generic exercise videos


Market Customized Prescriptions for Each Client

Quickly customize each patient's Playbook app in real time.

No more emails.

No scrolling through 1000's of exercises.


How It Works

Fill out our easy-to-use template with the categories you choose -- Part of Body or Condition -- and then either add exercises to your library (which will be available to every patient) or just get started immediately in their Intake Appointment.

Don't worry. You can edit, move, add or delete anything, at any time.


A Playbook branded by your clinic's name



Take a video on your patient's phone during your session and easily upload into their prescription 


Lock the order of the exercises 


Your prescription at your patients' fingertips

Deliver the Highest Quality of Care



Can you say ...

  • We demonstrate our commitment to value-based care

  • By customizing every exercise for every patient 

  • In a mobile app that increases patient engagement.

With an AdviceCoach Playbook you can!

    Why Choose AdviceCoach?


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    Prescribed home exercise is a vital part of patient recovery and rehab -- mobile custom exercise prescriptions make it easy to stay compliant between sessions.

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    Choose a plan that fits your practice. For clinics with up to 3 therapists, you pay just $25/month for unlimited patients.

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    Within minutes after you complete the template, your Playbook is live on the AdviceCoach App platform. You can have one today!


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