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How’s Your Memory?

         “The key to … memory is paying attention. Our capacity for sustained attention has dwindled since the development of the internet in the early 90’s. The more we use the web, the more our brains get used to being distracted. Our brains have essentially become adapted to forgetting, which causes them to become inept at remembering.” Matt Bluemink on Eric Kantor, from Philosophy Now.

Yup — like you — not great. I’m completely dependent on the internet, my smartphone, my calendar, reminder texts and post-it notes all over my house. 

My name is Susannah Bailin and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of AdviceCoach. 

In 2013, my youngest daughter left for college and I happened to return to mine for my 30th reunion.  It was there that I had three deeply powerful realizations: that I could remember more details about a spring-break trip that happened 32 years ago than I could about what I read last week, that my memory had to combat not only distraction but also biological aging issues, and, that — at 52 — I had as many years to work ahead of me as had passed since graduation (which felt like a very long time). 

During one of the reunion’s TED-like talks, my classmate Erik Brynjolfsson, the Director of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, challenged us: 

“Instead of thinking about how technology is changing the world, think about how you want to change the world and how technology can help you succeed.”

So I did.

I want to change the world by making it easier for everyone to remember what matters — my physical therapy exercises, my post-surgical directions, the foods I need to avoid for my stomach issues, the steps to take before starting a new exercise routine, and so on. The solution must be technological because so many of us are on our smartphones. So, it must be an app —  with the most simple, single-purpose user experience —and it must be easy enough for any non-technical person (like me!) to make and use.

Having run a company after graduating from business school, I had the operations in hand but needed to find a rock-star engineer to develop the technology. Nan Xiao joined me in 2017 and we have built a software platform to create a world where everyone remembers what matters to them. 

Our goal is to support any professional whose patienrs/clienrs are struggling to remember the instructions they need to follow. We serve the healthcare community, specifically those providers in rehabilitation medicine.

We are ready to broaden our reach. How can we support you?