Multiple-Location Practice

AdviceCoach listened to owners of multiple-location clinics who said...


We need to brand our commitment to better patient outcomes

With AdviceCoach, your growing practice delivers uniquely custom treatment plans branded to the name of your clinic rather than using generic tools like Medbridge, Heal2Go and printed pages of exercises that anyone can find on the internet.


We need word-of-mouth referrals

“How likely are you to refer your friends and family to the home exercise tool your physical therapist used during your treatment?” This is a Net Promoter Score metric developed by Bain Consulting to measure customer loyalty. 50 = very good, 75=great, and AdviceCoach received a 91.

Increased compliance = Better outcomes = Happier patients = More referrals.

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We need a cost effective way to scale across our locations

With AdviceCoach, every therapist at every location can use its branded Playbook with unlimited patients for less than the cost of 2 movies/per month.