How It Works

Learn how easy it is to turn your book, course, or training into an app with AdviceCoach.


How It Works

Transforming your book, keynote, course, or training into an app is easy with AdviceCoach. Do more than just inform - connect and interact with your followers for FREE!

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STEP 1: Fill Out the App Template

Use our online template to turn your advice into an interactive AdviceCoach app. Get stuck? Our team provides support and troubleshooting even for our free plan. View the App Template here.

Estimated Time to Complete: 1 Day

STEP 2: We Build Your App for You 

Our team will review the information provided in the Online App Template and send you feedback within 5 business days.

Estimated Time to Complete: 5 Days


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STEP 3: Make it Visual

The final step is to upload motivational imagery, the cover art and your bio photo. Just drop and drag photographs from your desktop!

Estimated Time to Complete: 1 Day


STEP 4: Finalize and Launch!

Send your followers to the App Store to download AdviceCoach and begin using your app. AdviceCoach is available for iOS only.