How it Works

Try out the Patient/Client experience:

  1. Download the AdviceCoach App onto your phone from the App Store/Google Store.

  2. Open and Sign Up with your email and choose a password.

  3. On the first screen, click I’m A Provider and then click one of the Demo Playbooks. Add to your shelf and click on the cover to open.

The Playbook has 2 screens

  1. A private Personal Plan Screen where you record a personalized video during the appointment. Any content uploaded into the private screen can be seen only by the owner of the phone and can not be shared between patient/clients, and

  2. A Public screen that everyone who opens your Playbooks has access to which has your video exercises that are broadly used. We call this the Library screen. This content is added to the Playbook from your Dashboard at

Creating a Personal HEP

Each patient starts with a blank screen. You add content/exercises while you are together in the appointment. Add exercises from your library or record a personalized exercise demonstrated by the therapist. This content can be video, YouTube video, Wistia video, Photo, Audio, Document or Text.

To add sets/reps/ frequency and other specific info for the patient, simply swipe left on the exercises after it is saved and click Edit. Move reorders the exercises. Delete removes it from the HEP.

Setting a Reminder

Set a reminder synced with the phone’s calendar by clicking the clock icon. 

Easy Patient Access

After the Personal Plan is completed, the patient/client exits the app. When they receive their scheduled push notification or simply want to see the content in their plan, they click the AdviceCoach icon on their phone and their private HEP plan will open directly — no need to log in or look for your Playbook.

How do Patients/Clients know what to do?

When your Playbook is published, a User Instructions pdf is automatically created. That explains how to download the app and find your playbook so that everything is ready on their phone prior to your session. You can email that sheet to your patient/client right from your Dashboard or laminate it and have waiting for them when they arrive.

Try out the Provider’s dashboard

Go to Sign in with the same method that you used in the app. This is where the playbooks are created, reports are generated and the users (patients/clients) are managed.

You can send push notifications to all of your Playbook users as a group or individually.

You can edit a user’s private HEP remotely from the Manage Users tab.

You can send your EMR each patient’s HEP for your file to demonstrate adherence.

There are two ways to see the features on the website:

 Advice Coach Website Screenshot
  1. You can create your own Playbook right now! No worries — no one will be able to find it unless they have your code. Your Playbook Code will be automatically generated and appear on your dashboard.

    Once it is published, one of our team will join your Playbook and create content on our phone so that you can test how you can send push notifications, get reports and manage users’ Personal Plans remotely.

  2. You can ask us to create a Playbook for you. Simply send us your Playbook Name and the name of the content creator. We will create a Playbook for you, publish it, join and add content, and let you know when you can sign in to the website and see how you can send push notifications, get reports and manage users’ Personal Plans remotely.