How it Works

Try out the Patient/Client experience:

  1. Download the AdviceCoach App onto your phone from the App Store/Google Store.

  2. Open and signup with Google/Facebook or email and new password.
  3. On the first screen, click at the bottom Menu, then Explore Demo Playbooks, then click one of the Demo Playbooks. Add to your shelf and click on the cover to open.

The Playbook has 2 screens

  1. A Public screen that everyone who opens your Playbooks has access to, and
  2. A Private Personal Plan Screen that is resident only on that phone. Any content uploaded into the private screen can only be seen by the owner of the phone and can not be shared by that patient/client.

To create a Personal Plan, choose Custom/Start or some content by clicking the circle that will turn green, and then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

On the Personal Plan screen, swype left on any of the content to see three options: Move ( you can reorder the content), Edit (allows you to customize the content for that patient - ie reps/sets, frequency etc.) and Delete. At the top, click Menu to set a reminder synced with the phone’s calendar, return to the public Library screen or Custom, to add content directly into that Personal Plan. This content can be video, YouTube video, Photo, audio, document or text.

After the Personal Plan is completed, the patient exits the app. When they receive their notification or want to see the content in their plan, they simply click the AdviceCoach icon on their phone and their private personal plan will open.

When your Playbook is published, a User Instructions pdf is automatically created. That explains how to download the app and find your playbook so that everything is ready on their phone prior to your session. You can email that sheet to your patient/client before they arrive or laminate it and have waiting for them when they arrive.

Try out the practitioner’s dashboard

Go to Sign in with the same method that you used in the app. This is where the playbooks are created, reports are generated and the users are managed.

There are two ways to see the features on the website:

 Advice Coach Website Screenshot
  1. You can create your own Playbook and let us know you would like to publish it -- no one will be able to find it unless they have your code. Your Playbook Code will be automatically generated and appear on your dashboard.

    Once it is published, one of our team will join your Playbook and create content on our phone so that you can see how you can send push notifications, get reports and manage users’ Personal Plans remotely.

  2. You can ask us to create a Playbook for you. Simply send us your Playbook Name and the name of the content creator. We will create a Playbook for you, publish it, join and add content, and let you know when you can sign in to the website and see how you can send push notifications, get reports and manage users’ Personal Plans remotely.