Do I have to make a Playbook for each patient/client?

No. All of your patients/clients can use the same Playbook because it includes a public screen -- for your library of content,  if you choose to add -- and a private screen which exists only on that phone.

If there are multiple clinicians in the same office, can they share the use of one Playbook?


Is there a library of content that I can add?

The AdviceCoach technology was designed to make it easy for patients/clients to remember what their own trusted practitioner prescribed. While practitioners can build a library of their own custom videos, audio clips, photos, forms, maps, surveys, there is no generic content.

How can I communicate with the users of my Playbook?

You can send your users push notifications and emails from your desktop dashboard.

How do my patients/clients communicate with me within the Playbook?

Selfie videos and text messages can be added to their private personal plan which practitioners can view on the desktop portal. The texting feature can be turned off at any time.

Can I track my patients/clients use?

Yes. The desktop dashboard is where you can track usage, generate reports and manage your users’ Personal Plans remotely.

Can I add content remotely to an individual’s private plan on their phone?


Can I add content to the public library screen of the playbook remotely?


Can I password protect my Playbook?


Can I charge for my Playbook? Who sets the price? How is the Playbook paid for?

If you want to charge your users for your Playbook, we will add a popup that asks for your Lock Code before the user can upload your Playbook. You set the price and collect the payment in whatever way you wish from your website. AdviceCoach receives 5% of your Playbook price.

Can I add content that is related to wellness, like stress management or meditations?

Yes. There are no limitations to the type of content you can deliver inside your Playbook.

Are you HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, our technology has been audited by Corsis.

Physical Therapy

Do I take video of my patient or does my patient take video of me?

We highly suggest that you have your patient take a video of you demonstrating the exercise. In our experience, the patient is always corrected during the recording which forces them to begin again. Your demonstration is clearer and easier to follow.

How can I see what exercises are in a patient’s HEP?

Simply log into www.advicecoachapp.com, click View My Playbooks/Manage Users/ Name of parient and every video in his/her Personal Plan is listed and can be re-ordered, edited or deleted. You can also add a new video to a patient’s Personal Plan remotely from that screen.

Can I make one Playbook to use with my patients and another with general stretching exercises to sell/offer remote patients/clients?

Yes. You can make as many Playbooks as you like.