Corporate Trainers

Add an interactive mobile workbook app to your training to increase compliance with your program and prove its impact


What If Your Training Had An App?

"My clients immediately want to use what I teach in my consulting trainings and measure its effectiveness. Now they can download my app at the end of the training to remind them of the steps and track their progress. I learn exactly how my program leads to the successful implementation of my clients'  business goals."                              -Bob L, Consultant


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Stand Out From the Competition

What would happen if you could guarantee to every client that their employees will apply everything they learn from your consulting services through an easy-to-use app right on their phone?


Sell More Training Courses With An App

Market your training as a long-term relationship rather than a short-term workshop with a heavy binder


Collect Client Engagement Data

Learn what parts of your program are most valuable to employees based on their engagement with the app



Add a Revenue Stream to Your Training

An app guarantees that the comapny's investment in your course will have a measureable ROI


Market Customized Apps for Each Client

Quickly customize your app to meet the needs of each client and become a vital part of their organization


How It Works

Fill out our easy-to-use template with the components of your training. Your expertise is transformed into actionable steps that users can prioritize, schedule, and complete.  Access usage data to measure engagement with your content post-training to validate the ROI.


The app reminds employees of the training's content



Employees schedule steps and receive notifications


Log in to your Dashboard for valuable insights into how your app is being used


Create community within the company among participants

Pre-Sell Your Training with An AdviceCoach App Today

No waiting. Start marketing your training with an app and increase sign-ups before your app is even completed.

Differentiate Your Training



Can Your Training ...

  • Remind the participants what they learned?

  • Connect with each participant on a daily basis?

  • Track the changes brought about by using your training?

With an AdviceCoach App it can!

    Why Choose AdviceCoach?

    Creating your own app for each client can cost $50,000 to $150,000 each! Our easy-to-customize platform is tested and maintained for you -- and completely backed by motivational psychology proven to drive results for your clients.

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    Differentiate your training with validation metrics

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    Launch a core featured version of the app for less than 1% the average cost of a proprietary app

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    Within hours after you complete the template, your app is live on the AdviceCoach platform


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