Our Team


Our Team

Meet the team of AdviceCoach: mission-focused, glass-ceiling-breaking women obsessed with transforming the lives of others using affordable, innovative technology via the AdviceCoach App. 


Susannah Bailin, Founder & CEO

VC Consulting, Rabb Planning Center, New York Angels, Harvard Business School, Harvard College


Nan Xiao, Co-Founder & CTO

Tradeweb, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Cornell University, Named one of top 50 female developers in NYC


The Story of AdviceCoach

From Susannah Bailin, Founder & CEO

[ AdviceCoach is expanding beyond books!  AdviceCoach has launched it's Physical Therapy Playbook which solves a problem I had during my recovery from 2(!!) frozen shoulders -- having to use illustrated diagrams on sheets of paper to remember the exercises my physical therapist had prescribed for me between sessions. With the PT Playbook, every patient has a unique set of custom videos taken in seconds with their physical therapist during their session. Set a reminder, get a push notification that it's time to do the exercises, click once on the AdviceCoach app and up comes the private personal HEP videos -- we've achieved 100% compliance from over 100 patients. The highest quality of care is entirely customized to the patient. Now it's easy, fast and affordable to deliver that customization.]

Where Did The Idea For Our Mobile Tech Come From?

In the Spring of 2014, I had a problem. After reading every word of every “How to Write Your Novel” book, I was still on page 7. I tried working with a coach, but that became too expensive and too embarrassing as I missed deadline after deadline.

I drove back to the bookstore to find a “How to Write” book that came with an app. I figured a book app would remind me what I needed to get done, help me schedule each small step and keep me accountable. I needed my phone to nag me.

Turning over each book looking for “App Included”, I found nothing. Maybe writers don’t use apps?

I decided to look in other aisles.

Business books? No apps.

Career advice? None.

Parenting? Weight Loss? Personal Development? Financial Planning? Entrepreneurship?


By now, apps had changed my life. Those delightful shortcuts delivered groceries, predicted my arrival time, connected me to my tribe, and even made dinner reservations! Many things in my life get done so much more easily using an app.

So why isn’t there a delightful shortcut to help me use expert advice to reach a goal or solve a problem? 

AdviceCoach is the answer.

We are passionate about making it simple and inexpensive for the experts we turn to for help -- coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists, trainers, teachers, authors -- to give us a simple mobile app to keep us on track and reach our goals. 

Join us on our mission to promote self-efficacy to create a world of proud healthy achievers.

– Susannah, as Featured on Thrive Global